Destress By Minimizing Your Home's Contents

So you've finally decided enough is enough. There's too much stuff in your home and it's time to get rid of it. Not only will minimizing your home's contents make you feel less stressed, but it could also ultimately help your local community.

What are the first steps into that elusive world of relaxation?

Review What You Have

First, tidy your house and piles of paper sitting around. Choose a day where you don't have to go anywhere. Ask others not to disturb you. Make sure your dishes are done. Psychologically, even making your bed reduces stress.

It can be overwhelming to look through closets and junk drawers. The mindset is to toss those decade-old receipts and twist ties before recycling old batteries and wondering why you still have that glass ashtray when no one smokes anymore.

If you've got boxes that are still sitting unpacked in your basement since you moved in years ago, give them a quick skim. If they're not keepsakes, give them a second look. If you haven't missed their existence, get them out of the house. Rent a dumpster.

If you decide not to toss something, recycle or reuse it.

Recycle What You Can

After dumping all you can into the dumpster, find someone who will treasure your unwanted items that didn't make it into the bin. Google your local giveaway sites. One excellent resource is the Buy Nothing Project.

The concept is simple. Take a picture of a box of items and post it on the local Buy Nothing social media site. The old adage that one person's trash is another person's treasure is true and this is a random act of kindness that someone will be happy to utilize.

Passing along your items of value helps others and makes you feel wonderful to put a smile on someone's face—or at least to get the stuff out of the house. So here's to no regrets in someone else getting Aunt Ginny's old throw or Uncle Max's old tackle box.

Now Relax Because You Can

Remember that this minimization process isn't meant to go through keepsakes and old photos. It is about getting junk out of the house that has no purpose and that you no longer need and that the kids won't miss.

It may take more than a day. Chunk it out if you need more time. But hit that dumpster first and have them haul it away as soon as possible so you're not tempted to dumpster dive. Then recycle for someone else's reuse.

You'll find that less is more and that minimizing your home minimizes stress so that you can relax your life a little more.

Contact a dumpster service to get started.

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